Attention: Kanjinator boosts your brain in an unexplored way. It's so much fun that it increases brain power by 23% when used twice a week. But it is also very addictive!

Are you the Kanjinator? With a great reaction time and recognition strategy you will become the master of the kanjis. Several thousand characters make sure it never gets boring and will train your brain each time you play.

Single Player Mode: Locate the kanji within 3 seconds and click the correct of 9 buttons. You scored your first point. Each round the time gets shorter. For each correct kanji you get another point. The game is over when you click the wrong kanji or do not click anything within the allowed time. A good score will put you in the hall of fame of the greatest Kanjinators in the world.

Multiplayer Mode: Two players face the screen and try to click the correct kanji first. Each player has his own set of 9 kanjis to click. A correct click is a point and each wrong click is a point for the opponent. 10 points will win the game.

iPad and iPhone - all versions starting with iOS 6 supported.

iPhone 6 HD Retina Display support with amazing Kanji rendering!

Google Android - all versions starting with 4.1 supported.


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